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LS Lexjus Sinacta Desk España

The LS Lexjus Sinacta Spain Desk is made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals - lawyers and chartered accountants - providing activities of service and consulting to Spanish businesses operating in Italy or interested in entering into and operating in the Italian market.
The Firm’s main clients operate primarily in the sectors of hotel tourism, real estate development, investment and management, IT services and the food and wine industry.
The professionals working on the Spain Desk provide professional consulting to companies in ordinary (civil/fiscal/tax, contractual, assistance in civil and tax litigation) as well as extraordinary (acquisition/business combinations/mergers) matters.
The Spain Desk maintains strong professional relations with the leading law and tax firms in Madrid, Barcelona and in the LATAM area, ensuring the provision of localized assistance to Italian companies interested in Iberian and Latinamerican markets.
The professionals on the Desk also work regularly in Spanish
Milan: avv. Vincenzo Timpano – – - +39 02 583401
Bologna: dott. Franco Finocchi – g - +39 051 6176711

LS Lexjus Sinacta Desk Switzerland

The LS Lexjus Sinacta Switzerland Desk is made up of a multidisciplinary professionals providing assistance to Swiss companies, investors and Family Offices interested in operating in Italy as well as to Italian companies interested in operating in Switzerland.
The professional activity of the Switzerland Desk focuses in both tax and legal assistance and is mainly addressed to extraordinary transactions (acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures) and international contracts.
In particular, Desk Switzerland has primary and consolidated relations with many banking institutions, Family Offices and Swiss investment funds present in Lugano, Geneva and Zurich.
avv. Gianluigi Serafini
dott. Ottavio Martini
dott. Paola Aglietta

LS Lexjus Sinacta Desk United Arab Emirates

The Desk is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who carry out assistance and consultancy activities in favor of Italian companies interested in operating in the territories of the Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman).
It is a territory that is growing, with large public and private investments, with a strong interest in attracting foreign companies and a great deal of attention to "Made in Italy".
The Desk carries out market analysis and scouting for opportunities, legal and corporate assistance in starting the on-site business, business development, project management, selection of commercial partners, as well as ordinary consultancy (civil/fiscal/tax, contractual, assistance in litigation civil and tax law) as well as the extraordinary one (acquisitions/aggregations/mergers) through consolidated relationships of professional collaboration with leading law and tax firms active on site.
The professionals usually work in Italian and English, and if necessary, they can be assisted by native Arabic-speaking consultants.
LS Lexjus Sinacta is also a partner of the Italia Camp Dubai Hub for Made in Italy.
Avv. Gianluca Santilli –
Dr Comm Roberto Tombolesii –
Rome - tel +39 06 68804606

LS Lexjus Sinacta Desk China

LS China Desk is an Italian/Chinese team able to support every Italian company interested in the Chinese market and provide assistance to Chinese companies wishing to operate in Italy.
The Desk, through a commercial platform managed by the Chinese company Aden, supports the sale of Italian products in China.
LS China Desk provides economic and financial analysis and studies issued by Chinese institutions and the main investors in the area and is able to organize meetings and activate relationships at all levels.
The China Desk, which is based in Beijing, has established professional partnership with primary Chinese firms and investors.
The Desk operates in Italian, Chinese and English.

Beijing – Room 1809, Building 61, Balizhuang Road, Chaonyang District
Avv. Gianluca Santilli

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