Art law

LS has a dedicated team committed to protect passion for arts and investment in artwork. Our professionals are able to offer integrated legal and tax advisory to art collectors, intermediaries, institutional bodies and artists.
LS is able to assist its clients in National and International Sales and Purchases, be a partner of auction houses, and provide Legal Protection on artwork’s authenticity.
LS’s team is able to deliver to clients on Fiduciary Arrangements and Trusts, Leasing and Pledge-Backed Credits, Free Loan Agreements, Art Thefts, Photography Rights, Custody of Artwork Abroad, Succession and Donation, Taxes and Art Bonuses.
Our team of experts possesses the skills required to assist Institutional Entities and Bodies with Contracts (on exhibitions, promotion, and long-term loans), Donations and Merchandising.
LS professionals are also committed to protect Artists through Copyright and IP Protection, Consents and Licences, Contracts (with institutions, art galleries and collectors, for the commissioning or transfer of artwork) and Resale Rights.

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