Innovative Startups and SMEs

An experienced team of LS professionals is able to give qualified advice in walking innovative Startups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through their creation and growth. These types of companies are regimented by a special legislation which derogates from ordinary Civil Code regulations for corporations. Therefore, it is crucial to provide startuppers with adequate mentoring since the very embryonic stage of the business.

The provided legal and fiscal advisory meets the need of:
• Checking the classification as Innovative Start Up according to D.L. 179/12 and evaluating the relative regulatory, tax, and social security exemptions;
• Analyzing the financial and economic feasibility of the business concept (Business Plan);
• Drafting statutory clauses and shareholders' agreements;
• Supporting the raise of capital to launch and grow the business, including preferential financing and crowdfunding initiatives feasibility assessment;
• Assistance in the fulfillment of Innovative Startups’ specific obligations;
• Backing and counseling the company in the transition into Innovative SMEs – second step of the Innovative Startup as per Art. 4 D.L. 3/2015.

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