Corporate - M&A

The LS professionals have proven expertise in corporate law and business finance, and work side by side with the entrepreneur and management in the different phases in the life of a business, from setting up corporate structures to preparing bylaws and shareholder agreements, to preparing documentation and ensuring corporate, regulatory and antitrust compliance. They offer highly qualified consulting on extraordinary reorganization and development transactions (mergers, demergers, acquisitions), business valuation and the preparation of expert opinions. The consulting provided in this area covers administrative and corporate matters, with assistance provided in applying Italian (as well as IAS – IFRS) accounting standards.
In the area of finance, our experts can assist the company on better understanding how to measure business performance, and assist in preparing budgets and business plans, provided to outside lenders and shareholders, as well as in obtaining new lines of credit and restructuring existing lines. Finally, LS also assist clients in Private Equity transactions.

Corporate law
Due Diligence
Joint ventures
Commercial contracts
Corporate Governance
Financial reporting and accounting procedures

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