Cyber Security

LS Lexjus Sinacta boasts a team of professionals specialising in Cyber Security and new technologies.
Under EU Regulation 2016/679, which protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and, specifically, enshrines the right to the protection of personal data (GDPR), starting from 24 May 2018, companies processing sensitive data must have complied with the strict European legislation providing for penalties up to EUR 20,000,000 for infringers, or, for companies, up to 4% of their aggregate annual worldwide turnover of the previous financial year, if higher.
In 2017, the Information Security Directive (NIS - 8 August 2017), concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union, came into force.
With the support of highly qualified computer engineers, the professionals of LS Lexjus Sinacta are able to check computer systems through a “penetration test” to prevent, at the highest level possible, undue intrusion.
LS offers advice in the area of staff training, in light of the case-law which has revealed that most of the offences involving the violation of computer systems occur due to employees lacking knowledge and / or awareness on the use of new technologies.
LS professionals provide legal and technical assistance in the event of data breaches and offences as a result of violation or damage of computer systems, involving technical consultants that help preserve computer evidence for legal proceedings.
LS Lexjus Sinacta offers answers from both a legal and technical point of view, provides advice pursuant to Article 24 bis of Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 on the subject of criminal liability of entities in the field of Cyber Security, as well as training to identify the person who will act as Data Protection Officer (DPO), while also offering out-sourcing solutions.

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